N8KED Collagen Cream Featured in Muscle Insider


N8KED Brands Inc. was founded in 2014 with a mission to create the highest-quality supplements using the best ingredients at effective doses backed by research. Their first product Calorie + Shake embodied every aspect of their company’s principles, delivering one of highest-quality meal replacement shakes commercially available. It contained 230 calories, 26 grams of protein from instantized grass-fed whey protein isolate, 2.5 grams of a patented form of colostrum (the highest dose we’ve ever seen in a dietary supplement) and 2 billion CFUs of a patented probiotic to support gut health and overall immunity.

Aside from Calorie + Shake being a healthy meal on the go, it’s also 100% naturally flavoured and sweetened! The product has been a huge success and we’ve been waiting anxiously for something else to come out from their lab! It looks like that day has finally come as company CEO David Whalen recently announced that they’ll be dropping a new product called “Collagen Creamer” and after reviewing this new formula, we believe it will be a category disruptor!

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