N8KED was built on Eight Core Values that continue to guide product innovation and the company foundation. These values were born from a need to create premium, clean, natural food based supplements that deliver results without compromise.

N8KED is all about setting a new standard, leveling up from a crowded marketplace of overpromising and under delivering supplements with misleading claims and low quality ingredients.

By focusing on optimal nutrition, efficacious dosages and proven research, N8KED hopes to drive awareness and change in an industry that has lacked transparency and quality. N8KED delivers nothing but nourishing, premium food supplements that you can feel good taking and giving them to your family too.

1. Efficacious Dosages

N8KED formulas use the exact efficacious dose, backed by clinically proven research. Each product serving gives you exactly what you need to get the desired benefits.

2. Natural Ingredients

N8KED only uses ingredients found in nature with minimal processing. You won’t find preservatives, artificial ingredients or even GMOs (genetically modified ingredients).

3. Banned Substance Free

All N8KED products are manufactured in NSF certified facilities using the highest standards of safety, quality and efficacy.

4. No Artificial Colours or Dyes

N8KED products do not contain any artificial or synthetically produced color additives or dyes.

5. Transparency

N8KED provides fully disclosed ingredient panels and are completely transparent when it comes to ingredient sources and manufacturing processes.

6. Research Based

N8KED formulates each product with efficacious ingredient dosages, supported by clinically proven research. Learn more about N8KED ingredients and supporting research here. (link to research page)

7. Third Party Testing

N8KED products are independently quality-tested in a third party lab for all heavy metals and impurities, along with testing the integrity of formula ingredients. Third party testing means that the product labels and claims have been verified by an objective independent source.

8. Philanthropic

N8KED is all about giving back to community and part of that is by providing high quality premium products that deliver on their promises.