Creating Quality Supplements

The Product Development Process

At N8KED we follow our 8 Core Values when initiating the product development process. This ensures we develop premium, high quality products and formulas based on clinically proven dosages and scientific research.

Premium High Quality Ingredients

Each N8KED product starts with premium high quality ingredients, backed by clinical research, science and patented technology. You can be sure each product delivers exactly what you see on the label and nothing more. N8KED products are free of fillers, artificial ingredients, GMOs, colours and flavours. All products are also soy and gluten-free.

Quality Control

All N8KED products are manufactured in NSF certified facilities with ISO certifications ensuring the highest standards of safety, quality, reliability and efficacy when it comes to manufacturing processes. All products are manufactured with cGMP – Good Manufacturing Practice in compliance with Health Canada.

Third Party Tested

N8KED products are independently quality-tested in a third party lab for all heavy metals and impurities, along with testing the integrity of formula ingredients for potency. Third party testing means that the product labels and claims have been verified by an objective independent source.

Health Canada Regulations

N8KED Brands follows Government Health Regulations for both Food and Supplements in all of our respective territories .