Our Founder – David Whalen

Hi I’m David Whalen, the founder and CEO of N8KED Brands.  I grew up a young athlete in a blue-collar family.  I had dreams and visions of playing in the NHL, competing in the Olympics and becoming a famous athlete, but I was an ultra skinny kid.  I couldn’t eat enough to gain weight, nor did I know what or how to eat.  I decided to study Food and Nutrition later earning a degree in Applied Science.

For many years, I spent my time learning from some of the most respected educators, formulators and master herbalists.  I became close with families of brands well over 100 years old.  I began to see value in character and quality.  For a period of time I spent my career as a national educator in Canada.  Taking everything I learned about Ayurveda, Tibetan Medicine, Chinese Medicine and the ancient arts of Holistic Medicine.

I used this knowledge to explore the world of supplements, bodybuilding and fitness.  My professional career eventually brought me from clinical nutrition and holistic medicine all the way to the production floor of some of the world’s largest supplement brands.

But, after 20 plus years of experience in the supplement industry and a comprehensive understanding of nutrition, medicine and health, I grew tired of marketing fluff, misleading claims and products designed with profit in mind, over brand character and quality.  How could I, as a parent, athlete and clinical nutritionist possibly feel comfortable knowing all this, without doing something about it!  I wanted to create a supplement brand that delivered on efficacy, quality, tasted great and was free of impurities.  Premium, clean products that not only I could enjoy, but I would be happy to share with my children too.

From this desire, N8KED Brands was born.  From day one, N8KED had a great purpose, something greater than itself; it gave me purpose.  In fact, the number eight has always been a favourite number; I even wore it on my sports jerseys.  Through my travels, I came to learn that the number eight also represented many things in ancient medicine including balance, harmony, infinity, life and good luck.  It made so much sense to me to take these concepts and apply them to the name and values of the N8KED brand.  Marrying my history as an athlete and my education in natural health, clinical nutrition and holistic medicine.  In short, N8KED became a marriage of performance and holistic health.

There is no compromise.  Each N8KED product delivers high quality ingredients, backed by science, is made with love, integrity and transparency!  Designed for the everyday consumer to the high performance athlete.  I promise to provide premium products, nutrition, and education to everyone in need. My personal goal is to one day look my children in the face and say that we made a difference!