What’s In N8KED Products?

What You’ll Find in Every N8KED Product?

One thing you can count on with all N8KED products is that each is made with clinically tested efficacious doses, and high-quality ingredients. You’ll also find patented trademarked ingredients backed by research.
Each product is designed to fuel the human body with high quality nourishing ingredients in support of lean body mass, healthy digestion and to help bolster a strong immune system. What’s more all N8KED products are designed to support an active healthy lifestyle.

N8KED Ingredients:

Clinically Tested Efficacious Doses:

Unlike other products that might provide the same ingredients, N8KED delivers efficacious dosages backed by clinically published research studies. In fact, you’ll even find full doses of multiple ingredients all in one product, which means you get more than just an efficacious dose, you get a fully functional product designed to fuel your body and bolster your health. Each ingredient and product delivers on its purpose and function.

Premium High-Quality Ingredients:

N8KED is all about transparency and quality. Each product is formulated with ultra clean, high-quality ingredients that support the overall effectiveness of the product. What’s more each product undergoes thorough 3rd party quality testing to ensure each serving provides exactly what’s stated on the label and verified. You won’t find fillers, preservatives, additives, or unnecessary ingredients.

Patented Trademark Ingredients:

To ensure consistency in quality and dosage, N8KED formulates with patented trademark ingredients. This means each product and serving delivers a pure, high quality and functional dose backed by research. Patented ingredients ensure the product provides only the active proven ingredient without added fillers or unnecessary ingredients. Here’s just a few of the patented ingredients you’ll find in N8KED products: HIgGH Gold Bovine ColostrumTM, PathWheyTM, Ganeden BC30 Probiotic and C8VantageTM.

What’s Not in N8KED?

Backed by quality testing, and manufactured in NSF certified facilities with ISO certifications, you can be sure you won’t find anything that doesn’t belong in N8KED products.

Each product is:

  • Free of fillers
  • Free of Artificial ingredients, Artificial Colours, Flavors and Preservatives
  • Free of Harmful Ingredients
  • Free of GMOs
  • Free of Soy

N8KED “Collagen Creamer” is keto friendly, sugar free, dairy free, and high protein.

We formulated this incredible product utilizing high energy C8 Medium Chain Triglycerides. Commonly referred to as MCT fats. MCT fats are highly absorbable and do not require processing by the liver. We chose to use the trademarked, category leading ‘C8VANTAGE’ powder from NNB Nutrition: comprised of 95% highly ketogenic C8 MCTs.

Combined with a trademarked best in class grass fed hydrolyzed bovine collagen and the

BC30 Probiotic! BC30 Probiotic is a patented premium ingredient which delivers research proven, non-GMO, natural, heat and cold stable, Bacillus coagulins to support digestive and immune health.

Perhaps the best part of the ‘COLLAGEN CREAMER’ is that all the ingredients are premium, scientifically supported and can be either consumed hot or cold, without effecting the integrity of the product!

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The Calorie + Shake combines premium grass-fed whey protein isolate with trademark Gold Standard Bovine Colostrum, coconut milk and a patented probiotic, all in a great tasting, low sugar, non-GMO, easy to consume, family friendly product. Colostrum is a true superfood ingredient and part of the magic behind our Calorie + Shake. We use a highly purified trademarked Colostrum, to ensure quality and effectiveness.

Colostrum is a powerful and expensive ingredient but only affective in the correct amounts. The Calorie + Shake delivers a full 2.5 grams of nourishing gut friendly colostrum, providing 1.2 grams of active immunoglobulins to support healthy digestion, optimal immunity, and even high-performance recovery.

BC30 Probiotic is a patented premium ingredient which delivers research proven, non-GMO, natural, heat and cold stable, Bacillus coagulins to support digestive and immune health.

In addition to the high-quality ingredients and clean formula, Calorie + Shake also tastes amazing, and it doesnot use sweeteners, stevia or any artificial flavours.

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Every N8KED product is meticulously designed and structured around the companies 8 core values. What you can count on from N8KED Brands is transparency, integrity, third party testing, true research and development, trademarked ingredients, innovation, and authenticity!

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